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CCTV systems have come a long way over the years with camera quality increasing and costs decreasing.

We are now able to offer IP cameras at a cost that fits most budgets. Likewise if the property has an existing older style analogue CCTV system in place in many cases we are now able to upgrade this using the existing cable infrastructure to 1080P High Definition (HD) cameras, this means you no longer have to spend money on costly re-wiring in order to benefit from an HD CCTV system.

Cameras can also be used for health and safety purposes from monitoring machinery through counting the amount of people entering and leaving a building.

Thermal imaging cameras can identify potential hot spots in an area for example in scrap metal or waste disposal sites through to highly accurate thermal imaging cameras to monitor the temperature of people entering a property, this was particularly useful during the COVID-19 outbreak to determine if anybody was trying to enter a building with an abnormal temperature.

Our systems can operate on smart phones / Tablets and P.C for remote viewing and in higher security situations we can offer off site monitoring via an Alarm Receiving Centre (ARC) who can contact a keyholder and or the police should they see an incident occurring.

Our team of security consultants are on hand to listen to your objectives and then to advise / design a solution that best meets your requirements.

It is highly likely that your insurance company will request that an approved company install and maintain your security systems.

The only way of doing this is by using a Security company that holds 3rd party approval certification.

By holding a third party approval it means that the security company is assessed by outside auditors to ensure that they have the relevant qualified personnel, engineering ability and documentation in place to be able to undertake any Security works. A company not holding any kind of third party approval has no means of qualifying their expertise and as such should not be appointed to work on security systems. Nexus Fire and Security are accredited by the National Security Inspectorate (NSI) who is recognised as the leading certification body for the security and fire protection sectors in the UK. For over 40 years.

Businesses and homeowners who choose NSI approved companies have the reassurance that their chosen contractors will work to the highest industry standards demanded by the Police, Fire and Rescue Services and the insurance industry.

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